Eco Mental


We believe that good environmental practice is an integral part of how we run our business. We will therefore manage our impact on the environment, set targets, measure and continuously improve our performance.  We will regularly monitor, review and report our progress on these issues.

This policy applies to all of DMPL's operations, locations, products and services. Our wider commitments to the society within which we operate and to sustainable development are outlined in our Statement of Business Principles.

In the context of the attainment of our business objectives, we are committed to:

  • providing a safe and healthy working environment for all those who use our facilities.

  • having regard to environmental considerations in the design, siting and management of all our facilities.

  • complying with local, national and international regulations applicable to our business services and contributing to the development of new standards and controls that will lead to industry-wide improvements to environmental management.

  • minimising the consumption of energy and resources in our operations and where practical, using materials that are renewable, recycled or re-usable.

  • reducing the environmental impact of business travel.

  • minimising waste generated from our operations and promoting recycling and re-use.

  • avoiding where possible, the use of substances that may cause harm to the environment, thereby minimising pollution to the environment across our operations.

  • working with suppliers to improve the environmental (and social) performance of the entire supply chain through our supplier assessment and product performance programmes.

We have assigned responsibility for the implementation of this policy and its regular review to a Board director. We will ensure that our management systems provide an effective framework and operational procedures to ensure its successful implementation.

We believe that it is the shared responsibility of all company employees to understand and act in accordance with this policy. We will continue to promote internal awareness of environmental issues through communication with new and existing staff and will provide training programmes as and when necessary to ensure that the commitments made in this policy are met. We will consult staff on the effectiveness of our environmental commitments, and engage with our key stakeholders to ensure we are responsive to their needs and expectations.


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